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Prior to placing your home on the market, consider a surefire way to sell your house: well-planned home staging. Home staging benefits include fewer days on the market and higher selling prices. And you should certainly consider professional home staging if you need a quick home sale.

Look at staging your house as creating a "style" for your house like a PR firm would do for a high profile entertainer. Just like creating an image attracts the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your real estate more inviting on the market.

Preparing your home to sell doesn't have to be a nerve-racking experience. Instead it can be an eye-opening and inventive project. Together, we'll strive for an exceptional bid for your home. Begin with these home staging tips and you'll notice that your home spends fewer days on the market :

Curb Appeal

Start with the exterior of your home, also called your curb appeal. Take a fresh look at the outside of your house from the view of a passerby. What jumps out at you? What awesome features seem to fade into the background? Understanding this helps us to choose what measures we can take to entice buyers from the street and into your home. If your home's exterior isn't as neat as possible with touched up paint and bright garden plants it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and elevate your home's final selling price.

Curb Appeal Checklist >

Sell quickly in Atlanta with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 770-480-4470

"Welcome to your new home!"

Could a buyer see themselves watching a movie in your living space, relaxing in your spa tub or studying in your home office? We want your home to welcome buyers and offer them a sense of ease. We'll help you achieve this by suggesting changes that highlight the features of your property. We'll advise you put in storage pieces that give the appearance of clutter. Surface areas like tables, desks and counters should be clutter-free. Brick-a-brack, sentimental items, family photos, and kids' artwork should get moved out of sight. We can help you simplify the decor of house. Ugly or cluttered spaces make your home look unkempt and buyers have a more difficult time seeing themselves calling your property "home".

We'll review every room of your home. We'll note the pieces of furniture that should be rearranged, rooms that need new paint, rugs needing to get changed, fixtures that could use brightening, and any other improvement that can inexpensively be made to positively impact the sale.

We'll make sure that your house has mass appeal and that it's friendly, steering clear of "loud" or "can't-work-with" shades on the walls and furniture. And if none of your belongings are there, you can try temporary furniture. The goal is for your home to look inviting as opposed to uninhabited.

Welcome Home Checklist >

Setting the Stage
We'll tell you when to show your house, because everything comes together to create a picture of what buyers can look forward to when they consider buying your house. Dark rooms can really dampen a buyer's spirits, so we'll do things like draw back curtains and create light where needed to invite the buyer inside. Together we'll enhance the ambiance with enjoyable music to listen to while guests look around your home and assure a pleasing scent flows room-to-room. We'll make use of cozy-looking throws, and pillows on your couch and bedding. Buyers should feel like your current house is their future home.

If you need more information about home staging to sell your home quickly in Atlanta, contact BluRobin Global Realty Group Across Atlanta and we'll help you with designing the best image for your house.

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